An in-depth guide on how to develop a Q-Learning Trading Agent to make money on the stock market.

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Congratulations! You have made it to the second part of the series. Last time we created a Turtle Trading Agent- A classical momentum-based trading system which we managed to express and develop algorithmically using the Python programming language.

Although more conventional/classic trading systems have a beauty of their own, the main focus of this series will be on the application of Artificial Intelligence, and more specifically Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning models for automated stock-market trading. …

An in-depth guide on how to develop a Turtle Trading Agent to make money on the stock market.

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For the past decade, automated/algorithmic trading has been used as a means for Hedge Funds and other financial institutions to “beat the market”. The advantages of these techniques are beyond any doubt numerous. In my eyes, the most important advantage is being provided with the ability to disregard emotions, while employing a strictly data-driven approach.

Unfortunately, despite the recent spike in the number of home-schooled, amateur traders, the vast majority does not possess the skills/knowledge necessary to build advanced algorithmic models. …

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Applied linguistic analytics and personality theory to infer attributes of Former VP Biden using Artificial Intelligence.

In the first article of this short series (can be found above), Artificial Intelligence technology (through IBM Watson Personality Insights) was used in order to perform a psychological evaluation of President Trump, using a data-driven approach through applied linguistic analytics and personality theory. The reasoning behind this project has not been to glorify or humiliate either of the two candidates.

On the contrary, by performing the same analysis on Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, my goal is to provide potential voters with a detailed, quantitative analysis of both candidates, free of prejudice and subjectivity (for more information, check out the first article). …

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Applied linguistic analytics and personality theory to infer attributes of President Trump using Artificial Intelligence.

With the U.S. Elections being less than a day away, potential voters are scrambling across social media and news outlets in order to absorb as much information as possible on the two candidates and make an educated decision in the polls. Although I am in no position to make a political analysis superior than that of the countless experts, I have found a problem and I am here with a possible solution.

Most news outlets and public figures comment on one of two things: the candidates’ proposed policies or their personalities. Nevertheless, it has become apparent that none of the commentaries focusing on the candidates’ characters are valid. This is not because they are not capable of doing so, but simply because it is impossible. By definition, being human and knowing the person you are going to evaluate, there is a lot of pre-existing bias involved. …

An article written using AI talking about the best certifications for AI

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
  • TensorFlow Developer Certificate Program
  • HarvardX’s Data Science Professional Certificate
  • Summary of The Results

Introduction (written by me)

Who would be the most suitable person to ask “which data Science certification is best for becoming a Data Scientist/ ML engineer and pursuing a job in the field” if not an actual AI model? Well… the job recruiters themselves, but this is the best we can do at the moment.

Before I continue, I want to make clear that I personally do not believe that certification is needed to excel in this field. Although certifications are proven to provide additional “CV points” and are more attractive to employers, true skill tends to be recognized without the need of advertising materials such as titles and courses. …

The complete blueprint on how to make 100k+ per year using python and ML

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“ To the point, precise, and makes a great job in explaining complex topics, in the easiest way possible. ”

With the financial markets plummeting world-wide and with what appears to be the next great depression on the horizon, it is imperative for millennials to understand that, although the world will soon be brought to flames (if it can become worse than it already is), it is in their power to make the situation work for them. …

An easy 3 step technique to stand out from the corporate crowd and learn how to detect similar people around you.

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If you have been in any industry long enough, one thing becomes clear. There are three main types of people in this world, the ones who are smart and resilient, the ones who are not but nevertheless try to appear as they are, and finally the ones who are not but do not try to show otherwise.

This does not only apply to the workplace but life in general. The key question is how can you spot the smart ones in a group? There are many different reasons for which you might want to do so. …

The A-Z guide on how to deploy your machine learning financial prediction models in Python using Robinhood.

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“ I believe I am talking on behalf of the entire community when saying that the lack of such tutorials is extremely frustrating and is one of the most crucial but at the same time less-talked about components of any project.“

One of the most common questions, people tend to ask me on a daily basis, is how can they deploy the strategies and models they replicate from my articles. Truth is, this topic is absolutely crucial for anyone interested in financial analysis using Machine Learning and Data Science. …

The A-Z guide on how to ensure selling a product to a potential customer using AI and IBM Watson’s Personality Insights.

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Being able to sell anything to anyone is a skill a handful of people possess. For the rest of us who do not possess magical powers, landing a sale can sometimes be extremely difficult. What would be more valuable than being able to know the personality of the person you are trying to sell something to? In a broader sense, selling may not only refer to you trying to sell a good. Selling may refer to providing services, or even trying to sell yourself (e.x. …

The A-Z guide on how to maximize the efficiency of a stock-investing portfolio using ML.

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The first part of the series can be found here.

The objective of this two-part series is to build a Machine Learning model that will evaluate the recommendations provided by Yahoo Finance Analysts on the basis of public sentiment for the company on Twitter and Financial News. After performing the analysis, the model will inform the user of whether he/she should buy the stock, building this way, an efficient investing portfolio.

In the first part, we set-up the majority of system functions and made a fully operational model. In particular, the steps followed were the following:

  1. Fetch the stock names recommended by Yahoo Finance.


Filippos Dounis

Filippos is an aspiring Machine Learning Engineer who specializes in incorporating AI with finance, medicine, and security.

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