Hello Anatoly!

I appreciate the fact that you spent your time to write this comment and I am more than excited by the fact that you show genuine interest! You misinterpreted what I meant with my previous response. If you read the rest of my articles, you will notice that my primary intention is to make the reader engage with my work. Only when this is done, I believe someone can learn.

Thus, the fact that I told you to do it yourself and share your results, was quite intentional. If you are still interested, my e-mail is:


It would be a pleasure to correspond with you and tweak the model further, not only on the evaluation of its performance, but different approaches to the problem as well.

Best Regards,

Filippos Dounis

Filippos is an aspiring Entrepreneur who specializes in incorporating AI with finance/business, medicine, and security. https://bit.ly/2VM5HVl

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